I’m lucky enough to have worked with some incredible people who have made real results happen for themselves. See what they have to say below and click here to learn more about working with me!

“WATCH OUT WORLD! Mark Sherwood is an incredible coach that has passion and tenacity. He has a servant’s heart that will help you break through your blocks and help you get where you are going. Highly recommend him!” – Su Zangara






“I really enjoyed working with Mark. He was a fantastic listener who was confident in challenging me to create new meaningful rules for my life!” – La’Kita Williams

“I met Mark during our first coach training sessions and was coached by him a number of times. He’s an empathetic listener, is thoughtful in his responses and is fun to work with. I’m positive anyone being coached by him will come away feeling energized and inspired to fulfill their potential under his guidance.” – Mel Carson



“Mark has been excellent with providing a supportive space and a warm smile while nudging to push me further. He asks the right questions at the right times and is curious without judgment.   Because of his kind and gentle approach, I am more confident now than I ever have been.  His coaching has helped me to see that the answers I have been looking for…are within myself.” – Jennifer Austin





“I enjoyed working with you and found you very energetic and having a passion to be a resource that others can fully utilize to exceed their wants and utmost aspirations in life.” – Darin Metzler







“Mark is very intuitive! He helped me move past personal blocks and change my perception with my situation. Because of that, I’m seeing opportunity everywhere! I highly recommend working with him!” – Jenny Ventling






“During November 2016, Mark coached me through a difficult life path.  When it felt like nothing was going right, Mark gave me the tools to not only get through the current solution, but to apply them to other issues that arise. His encouragement and support made all the difference, and I don’t think I have felt more comfortable discussing these issues with anyone else. Without his strong coaching skills, I am unsure how positive my life would be right now.” – Crystal Milne





“Mark is an exceptional human. He is a leader, embraces life, welcomes new experiences and perspectives, and inspires others. A joy to be around, and a pleasure to talk with, I have had the delight of having meaningful conversations with Mark about life in many capacities. Whether it be about challenges, learning, or growing – Mark is able to provide a listening ear and wisdom beyond his years about how to think, feel, and sense life in the past, present, and future. I always look forward to conversations with Mark, and it makes me happy knowing that Mark is a life coach that people can count on.” – Ricky-Lee Watts


I had the opportunity to be coached by Mark about some of my personal goals. I ideas in my mind but had not put them into action. As I discussed my goals, Mark listened to me struggle to flesh out what the goal was and what hurdles I had to reach my goal. I thought I knew what my hurdles were – as I dug deeper and deeper for clarity, Mark listened and asking questions to pull out of me what I wanted to accomplish and what steps I would take to reach those goals. I am impressed with Mark’s emotional IQ and his ability to work with me on how to take the necessary steps to succeed in my goal. I would recommend working with Mark for anyone who is looking to improve any aspect of their life.”  Sincerely, Rick Snow

“Mark’s wisdom and caring shines through while coaching. With his help I was able to make big leaps with my goals. I am now in a place where I can use my gifts and passion to help others. Mark was patient with me as I was discovering what goals I wanted to accomplish. He asked me the perfect questions to help move me forward and held me accountable to what I said I was going to do. If you want to make a difference in the world and don’t know how I highly recommend working with Mark. He is the best!” – Angie Setzler McNulty



“My experience working with Mark as a coach has been very thought provoking.  Through asking powerful questions, Mark has been able to help me unlock thoughts that have kept me playing safe for quite a long time. His ability to stay with you, listening without judgment has been very inviting and has help to build additional confidence in my ability to process what my right next step may be. If you are looking for coaching regarding your business or if you are simply feeling stuck finding resolution, I highly recommend Mark as a professional coach.” – Trish Trama, HR Professional, Seattle, WA


“I had the distinct pleasure of being coached by Mark Sherwood on a variety of topics ranging from relationships, to mindset, to starting my own business. Mark is a flexible and supportive coach – his conversational style made it easy for me to open-up and trust him. Our work together always centered on me and what I wanted to achieve. Mark helped me stay accountable to my goals without pushing me too fast or too hard, and gently pointed out when I was getting in my own way. Talking with Mark once per week helped me focus and stay on track. If you are looking to make changes and get results in your life, I highly recommend working with Mark!” – Allison Ormsby


“Mark Sherwood is The Man! I was stuck with an issue and even though I “knew” what to do, I didn’t. I couldn’t seem to find the time to work out and get healthy even though I’m self employed and have fexibility in my schedule.

Mark was able to take me through a process in order to identify what was holding me back and provided me the needed insight to go from making the excuses to creating an action plan.

Through implementation of his strategies I was able to get the result I desired and happy to report I’ve made even greater progress in that area of my life. I’d recommend anyone that may feel stuck in their personal or professional life to allow Mark to take you through a process to break through barriers and simply get things implemented.” – Al Rodriguez

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